Monday, December 26, 2016

Living Authentically

For over a year now I've seen several "Master Class" programs targeting those of us in the healing arts that have a free intro, or a series of them, to a program designed to transform your life, your business and your bank account overnight. The main message given is that if you're trading "hours for dollars" in the old-fashioned (read passé) Practitioner model, then you're doing things wrong and you need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend their mastermind program to learn how to get others to spend hundreds or thousands on your mastermind program so that you can make millions of dollars (or at least hundreds of thousands) rather than just hundreds. It's okay, you're going to help a lot more people along the way.

I watched a few of those, soaking up anything I could for free to help me transform my business into one that's profitable and successful and trying to figure out how I could transform my Reiki and Tarot business into such a program and use those steps to be as successful as those other [mostly] women appear to be. I was also trying to figure out how I could spare the big bucks to take those programs so that I could make even bigger bucks. After all, we live in a society where money equals success, happiness and freedom. But something just kept feeling wrong.

I finally figured it out...that it was because the way these people make their money is to make people like me feel bad about what we do and our level of success at doing so in order for us to feel we need to pay those hundreds or thousands to them, and then we were going to learn how to do the same to others by becoming some high-power coach. Yuck. It just wasn't feeling good to me at all. 

You see, I'm a Practitioner and trading hours for dollars feels good to me because it means that I'm focusing on the needs of one person at a time, or maybe a couple, and helping with a specific issue. When I do so, that person feels special and important because for that hour or so of my time they're the most important thing to me. Just them.

I've also figured out that I don't need some system designed to help me attract clients. I work in a spiritual business where I live my beliefs everyday, and my biggest belief is that those who really need me will find me. I teach and serve by how I live my life...and I live my life authentically. That is honestly one of the biggest compliments I've ever received, and I get that often, that I am me at all times. 

Is there someone making you feel that being you is "less than" or small somehow? Take a good look inside at who you are and who you want to be, and stay true to YOU. There are books, videos and websites out there to help you figure it out, as well as what can be uncovered in a Tarot or Oracle reading...after all, life is a journey for its entirety.

Maybe someday I'll feel called to change what I'm doing and chase a bigger dream, but for now I'm happy to live my life and be true to my own self. This year, my focus will be on doing so to even a deeper level, and continuing to build my business just by being me and living my life according to the practices I share and teach, and helping others to live authentically as well. 

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