Monday, December 12, 2016

Why Was My Outcome Different Than Predicted?

So you went to a psychic or tarot card reader, or called one online, and asked about the outcome of a situation, but it didn't turn out exactly the way they predicted and you think that they were way off and you want to know why? Were they wrong? There are a few good reasons why this can happen.

First, let's explain how "predicting the future", "divination" or "fortune telling" works, whether it's a pure psychic reading or someone using a tool like tarot cards or runes. When any of us are asking about a situation or event we're reading the energy around it in the past (fixed line), present (cauldron of possibilities) and future (many lines of potential outcomes that branch off into others). What's being read is the strongest possible outcome based upon what has gone before and what is currently happening, but since we all have free will and usually more than one person is involved in any situation, all that it takes is one person making a slightly different decision or taking a tiny fork in the road to change the outcome. I use my arm and hand to give a visual, rather like this:

The other reason can be the emotional state of either the reader or the sitter, or both. If either of you are emotionally disturbed, or emotionally attached to the outcome, the reading can be skewed. It's very important for both parties to be detached from the outcome and for the sitter to just be in a curious state rather than having a strong attachment to the outcome. It's especially common because most psychics and card readers are empaths, so we pick up on the energy of the person for whom we're reading, and then what we see reflects what they want to see because we become attached to their preferred outcome.

As an online reader I'd see this a lot: a member of the service calls in and asks their question, usually about a relationship or someone they're interested in, and when you give the answers you see in the cards you hear that "every reader gives them the same answer but it never happens". That's because they're too emotionally charged and Spirit is giving them what they want to hear because it's all they'll accept. They've probably hung up on readers who told the truth, or they told them that they were wrong and gave them bad ratings. 

So...what can be done to address these issues? One thing is for both reader and sitter to take a deep breath and center before starting the reading. The reader especially should do their best to remain neutral even if strong emotional signals are coming from the sitter. Honestly, if a sitter is in a strong emotional state, then the reader should reschedule the reading if possible.

Another option is to read the situation reframed in a more detached way, using a spread that looks more for what can be done in the situation rather than what will happen. For example, rather than "Are John and Susan going to get back together?", a better question would be something like "What does Susan need to do in order to improve her relationship with John?" There are also relationship spreads that can be used that show what he brings to it and what she brings to it, and then outcome for the relationship. It's a really good idea to have an arsenal of spreads at your fingertips to help reframe emotionally charged questions if you're a card reader, and you can use spreads designed for one type of card to work with another, even if you have to modify it slightly (for example, Lenormand is read in pairs, so use two cards for each position of a tarot spread). 

Meditation so that you keep your energy clear and grounded is very important for every reader, whether you use tools or not, because it helps you to get into a detached state easier as well, and to step into that state of relaxation and ease at any moment. It also keeps you in tune with your emotions better, and opens your channel to Spirit wider so that it's easier to listen to the Divine rather than get distracted by the energy around you. Whether you read for yourself or others, remain aware of your emotional state so that you aren't influencing your readings, and help your clients to do the same, and you'll keep your accuracy high.

And lastly, keep in mind that because Free Will exists no reader can claim 100% accuracy. A high accuracy rate is around 89%, and anyone claiming 100% is suspicious. If you're getting a reading, keep your expectations of it realistic and enjoy the experience because regardless of the final outcome of the situation, you should gain a lot of really good insight from a good reading.

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