Sunday, January 22, 2017

Decluttering My Life

I'm facing a transition in my life, going back to work as an employee outside of the home for the first time in about five years, and it's made me start thinking about the way I wish to spend the time I'll have at home moving forward. Since there will be less of it, I'll be valuing it more and so I've done some decluttering of the distractions that I've been wanting to remove for my life.

I've removed the Facebook and Messenger apps from my phone, along with the Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Solitaire and Word Search apps. I've been spending way too much useless time on my phone doing these things than I wish. I've also canceled my group and my membership in Meetup because I just won't have the time and energy to do any such things, and if there's something I do wish to attend, it will be available on Facebook.

I've done similar clearings before by canceling my accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Why do I wish to limit my interaction on social media and the apps on my phone? Because it has occurred to me that before I was so distracted by such things I actually lived a happy and full life, reading and hanging out with friends. Now I actually have books that have been collecting unread on my shelves over the past eight years, whereas for the rest of my life those all would have been read more than once as well as all of the new ones being read. It used to be that you had a hard time prying a book out of my hands and lately it's hard to pry my phone out of my hands instead while books sit unread beside me on the table and on my book shelves. 

So, the time I do have before and after work and on my days off will be precious to me. It's sad that it has taken this as the impetus to value my time more, but so it is. It will be time for study, meditation, working out, relaxation...and yes, time for clients because I'm still running and building my business. I see this time of other employment as a necessary bridge to the future my husband and I wish to build, and that will leave very little time for empty distractions. 

And now that I've decluttered my time, it will be time to go to work on doing some further decluttering of my's time to declutter and simplify all of my life! 


  1. I was talking to my youngest last night about social media and how much it interferes with our lives in a negative way... there is positive but it needs to be handled with respect because it really can be a bomb waiting to explode. It is hard to imagine life before FB... I love to interact with like minded people which wouldn't happen here without those things but I do try to keep it to a minimum, and make sure everything I do engage in enhances my life and energy. I hear you on the *other* decluttering... long ongoing process! Lots of love and blessings my friend!

    1. I agree that I'm not planning to leave FB because it's how I keep in touch with friends and how I get to interact with like-minded people, but I'm appreciating it taking a back seat in my life right now too. I think all decluttering is a long, ongoing process for many of us! However, I think it's something we need to keep working at in order to destress our modern lives. Lots of love and blessings back, my friend!