Monday, January 9, 2017

Healing Work With Tarot

Everyone thinks of divination and fortune telling when they hear of Tarot, but few think of healing work when they hear you read Tarot...and yet, this is my biggest use both privately and in my practice, and has been since I learned that was something it could be used to do. 

I also only used it for divination at first, looking into the future to see what was going to happen, and usually just using a Celtic Cross. Then I put Tarot aside for a while and used Lenormand cards almost exclusively for about two years, still only for divination purposes. But when I came back to Tarot I came back with new zeal and new ways of using my cards...a big part of which is for healing work.

See, healing isn't just about the physical body, it's about the mind/body/spirit as a unit, so often when something has manifested physically as an issue or ailment it's because it started in the mental, emotional or spiritual body and was ignored and that part is still blocking our physical healing.

One of the best ways I find to work with my clients is to use Tarot cards to uncover what is blocking their progress or what they need to work on so that they can heal. If we do a reading on that and then do energy healing using Reiki, Sound Therapy, or a combination of energy healing modalities, then I find the energy healing work is much more effective.

I also like to do my own healing work using an Inner Child prompt sheet by Elyse at Wild Moon Woman, exercises from "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" by Debbie Ford, "Tarot for Shadow Work" and "Tarot for the Healing Heart" both by Christine Jette (her Shadow Work book is OOP and expensive, but worth it), and my own simple questions about what is blocking me or what do I need to do to succeed in a particular situation. I have a special journal I keep just for this purpose, and I suggest journaling this type of work even if you don't journal your other readings. 

Tarot is really especially useful for helping us to take a look at The Stuff we've hidden deep in our subconscious mind that affect our daily life more than the the stuff we're conscious of does. Rather than ask if you'll get back together with someone, or when you'll meet Mr. Right, ask what's blocking you from having a healthy relationship because I guarantee that your problems with finding the right relationship, job, or having financial success are much more about You and than it is about "Them"

Happy Healing! 

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