Sunday, February 12, 2017

Count Your Blessings

I started a new job a few weeks ago after five years of working from home on a psychic hotline. I had burned out on that and so I searched for a full time job, found one I loved and then realized that I was allergic to it. Go figure, my allergy to wool that makes my skin itch if I wear it also makes it so that I can't breathe if my lungs wear the wool fiber dust produced in copious amounts in a store that sells Persian rugs. Sigh. So, when I was healed and could search again, all that I could find was a job doing customer service in a call center...and all I've done since starting is to complain.

I've been complaining about the job, the rules, the hours, the training, the trainer, my fellow students, the hours I'll be working after training...everything about it. As usual, Spirit decided to surround me with messages, LOL!

The biggest was this one: 

"Most people do not realize that as they continue to find things to complain about, they disallow their own physical well-being. Many do not realize that before they were complaining about an aching body or a chronic disease, they were complaining about many other things first. It does not matter if the object of your complain is about someone you are angry with, behavior in others that you believe is wrong, or something wrong with your own physical body. Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement." --Abraham

Funny, but since I've started my job there, my physical complaints have also grown. Yep...Spirit gave me a smack me upside the head!  So, I still don't like it, but I keep hoping that it will get better as I actually start the job. I also keep reminding myself of the positives. Have I totally stopped complaining? Nope, I'm still stuck in the human condition...but I have been catching myself and turning it around, and when I find my thoughts turning negative, I work to find the positives. 

This job will allow us to get caught up on things, and then Steve and I can take some training courses we've been wanting to take. We'll have the money for some extras and even for a vacation. We can do the rest of the work on this house to prepare it for the market so that when we're ready we can sell it and move northeast. 

If I stop complaining and count my blessings, I can breathe and I'm in less pain physically and emotionally. The more I count my blessings, the more blessings I'll have, and I know that from experience. It's Law of Attraction 101, "What you focus on is what you get." So what blessings do you have in your life, and what would you like more of in your life? 

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