Sunday, February 19, 2017

Do Your Compare Yourself To Other Readers?

It's easy to doubt yourself as a reader, especially if you listen to someone else's reading and think they knocked it out of the park better than you could, or a sitter tells you that So-And-So gave them the most amazing reading of their life a couple of years ago when they were out of town and they've never found another reader that good. 

When I was reading on the psychic reader line, I got a lot of "well five other readers told me...and know you're telling me this, we'll see who's right." Or, "everyone keeps telling me that, but it never happens". Oh yes, those things will make you question yourself at times! But I learned to trust the message I got. (See this post for the reason the latter can happen.)

However, one thing I've learned is to never compare myself to other readers. I currently live in an area where there are a lot of us and have many fellow professional readers as friends. We even refer people to each other if someone is looking for something specific that another one of us specializes in, like animal communication readings, and we do readings for each other...sometimes just for fun. For a while I also ran a Meetup group for Tarot and Oracle readers, and as part of the meetings we'd do readings for each other to stretch our skills and experience different styles of reading, as well as to get newbies comfortable with their own skills since no books were allowed to be consulted.

Because of all of this, what I've learned is that we all see something different when we look at the cards, and everyone has a different style or even a different way of interpreting. For example, one fellow professional told me that she doesn't even know the book meanings for the cards, they just talk to her--literally. There are also different types of readers, because there are those who are truly psychics and mediums (as I suspect of the women mentioned) who use the cards as a tool to comfort their clients, and there are those (like me) who use the cards for our own comfort in tapping into our gifts...and every shade in between. 

So, don't worry if you see someone in a conversation thread or a video get a different interpretation of a card or spread than you do or feel you would, trust that whatever YOU get is the right message at the right time. It's my belief that Spirit sends us the right people, whether sitter or reader, at the right time to deliver what needs to be said at that time...and that there's no wrong message. 

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