Sunday, March 19, 2017

How To Choose The Right Essential Oils For You--Part III

In the last two posts I covered what to look for in essential oils and then what brands I've tried (except for my #1 choice) and what I did and didn't like about them. This week I'll finally answer which are my favorite essential oil brands to use. I'm actually not choosing just one, but three that I'll rank and give the reasons why. 

My #3 choice is Young Living. The con is that it's an MLM, but if you want to build a business around essential oils and work with an MLM, they're the best, hands down. They are the brand I use as a measuring stick for all others for quality. However, I've chosen to move away from working with an MLM and while I'm still a distributor with them right now, I don't sell or actively promote them and haven't even made any purchases in several months. My one year isn't up yet, but I won't be renewing when it is later this year.

My #2 choice is Birch Hill Happenings. While they lack slightly in potency compared to my #1 and #3 choices, the price, variety and availability is there as is personal service. I can't rate them on sustainability, but that's why there are only a few things I order here. They are where I source my carrier oils and I use their Amaranthine Massage Blend for my face (that's one of my secrets for why I don't look my age and have a healthy glow). I'll also still use them to source some of the essential oil singles that I can't get through Floracopeia and also for some of their synergy blends that I love.

Now, my #1 choice? Floracopeia because I love the purity and potency of their oils as well as the price, and that they're not an MLM. I'm not an affiliate at this time, because while they do have an affiliate program that you can join, at this time it's only for their courses, not products. If you're a retailer, you can apply for a wholesale account with them for their products.  

I also chose Floracopeia because of the way they choose their sources, using small artisan producers who use eco-friendly practices, most of which are organic or wild-crafted sustainably. They actually do travel around the world to meet with them, and they support several eco projects around the world where they source their plants. They're a small company owned by David and Sara Crow who are well-respected and well-known as experts in their field and are teachers of plant medicine, herbology and aromatherapy. In addition to essential oils they also carry flower essences and a whole line of natural skin and body care, and I trust those products to be less toxic than the skin and hair products sold by either MLM company. 

On top of it all, Floracopeia has the best customer service I've ever encountered in my life. My very first order from them was for my two go-to oils to test a company by, lavender and peppermint, and when I opened it I found that one of the oils (turned out to be the lavender) was all over both oils inside the bubblewrap bag enclosing them, despite all of the very careful packaging to protect them. When I was able to open the bottles and explore them a couple of days later, I discovered that I was missing quite a bit of lavender oil out of my bottle and then a piece of the neck of the bottle fell into my hand when I was trying to get a drop out. [Ironically, despite the fact that it had leaked all over the place, it was hard to get a drop out at will!] 

I immediately emailed their customer service department and sent pictures of the bottle and they sent out a replacement of the entire order (!) plus a free roll-on of their Centered Essential Oil blend (!!), which is heavenly! Most companies only replace the damaged item, never have I had any company in any industry go to this level. I'm impressed. 

I have since received another order from them and all was well. The only con so far, honestly, is their orifice reducers and I'm still working on learning to use them to get a proper drop of oil out, but then, that was an issue with the standard ones at first too, and differs slightly with each brand. 

The bottles and orifice reducers are different than what every other company uses, and I love the style of the bottles and the fact that more can fit into a small space. The pro of that is that my bag for carrying essential oils fits ten 5 ml bottles, but only four 15 ml bottles, from other companies. Because of their design, I can carry ten 15 ml bottles of essential oils from Floracopeia and four of their 15 ml flower essences (those are in traditional styled bottles).

So now, it's up to you. I've added one more voice of personal experiences and choices to the information available out there on the world wide web, and a great company to add to your list of choices. In the end, only you can explore, compare and decide what works best for you as far as quality, price and selection. Happy oiling! 

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