Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Journey with The Tower

Image from The Druidcraft Tarot

Back in 2006 I was dating a wonderful man (actually, we'd handfasted by the old way), owned my own house and car, but was working a sales job and struggling to keep my bills paid. I did a reading to see how it would all turn out, laying out a Celtic Cross for an overview and outcome of my situation, and in the final outcome position I got The Tower. 

My view of The Tower then was pretty grim as I understood it only as a card of loss and destruction, losing everything, which is actually exactly what happened. Both my house and my car were repossessed within about a month of each other, and that wonderful man I was handfasted to had to help me out drastically. He was living with his sick elderly father to help him out, but he bought me a car and moved me in with him and his father. I had to live in the basement because his father was Catholic and old-fashioned and to him we weren't married (we never told him about the handfasting). Eventually Gene and I got married legally, his father was put in a care center, and Gene was diagnosed with cancer. I lost him and his father within six months of each other in 2007. It was a very long journey with the loss and destruction of The Tower, and I hated getting that card in readings! 

However, things always do work out for the best. I still own that lovely home, I've made it my own, and I've remarried to a wonderful man. My life has changed dramatically and I am far from being the person I was when I did that a very good way. I've learned and grown a lot.

I've come to a better understanding of The Tower and now I tell people that their lives are about to get shaken and stirred, and it might be scary for a while as you go through some massive changes, but in the end all will work out and you'll be in a better place. I think of it now as "the snow globe card". 

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