Saturday, April 22, 2017

Metaphysics--How Do You Define Your Practice?

I planned to do a discussion around a similar idea relating to what being a Reiki Master means to me, but then a friend did a vlog post by this title and I decided to do a video response to him...and I must say, it was much easier to discuss this in a video than to write it all out! I hope you enjoy this brief video. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

I Believe In Tarot

This was a Tag done by another Tarot reader on You Tube, and I thought it was a really interesting one, to just talk about our beliefs about Tarot. This is short, it's a subject (along with all things metaphysical) that I could talk about all night long...but I kept it concise, just talking about my core beliefs regarding Tarot and how/why it works.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Surrendering Over to Spirit

I've been job hunting for a bit now so that we'll have a steady income while my husband gets established with his business and our income from that steadies out and while my own business builds. Once in a while, you've got to do what you've got to do so that you can do what you want to do! 😉

Anyway, I wasn't having a lot of luck finding a job and when I did they didn't work out for me. One was supposedly customer service, but it turned out to be more phone sales instead and I discovered that a call center isn't the place for me! I'm not willing to make myself sick to get a paycheck and that's what was happening, and since then I've discovered from others that all call centers are pretty much the same. So, back to looking for administrative assistant work! 

In the meantime, I was listening to Colette Baron-Reid's videos that she was doing to lead into her new Oracle School, and she was talking again about her journey from being an addict to where she is now, and how what changed her life so dramatically was surrendering to God/Spirit/All That Is. She mentioned that kneeling in prayer or supplicating in surrender wasn't humiliation, it was an act of humility. It was a reminder that I needed.

I stretch every morning and one of my stretches is the supplication pose, and I used to do a conscious surrender but it's been a while since I've done so. Instead I've been doing one of many gratitudes then. I decided to change it and start doing as she said and saying, "Thy Will be done through me, use me as an instrument of Your work and guide me to where I need to be." I started that on Thursday, did it Friday, took the weekend off because we painted at my in-laws' house, then did it again last Monday--and out of the blue I got an email later that day asking if I was still interested in a job I'd applied for several months before and had never heard anything further about...and suddenly, here it was! 

Now, the other amazing thing is that in debating about schedules in looking for work, both first and second shifts had pros and cons for me and my family. First shift means working when businesses are open so you have to take time off to do anything, and also that our dogs are crated all week long while everyone's at work or college (we still have one adult son living here). Second shift means that I go to work as my husband is coming home, so the dogs are with someone all day and able to be loose, and I can go do things during business hours if needed, but he and I become ships passing by each other. 

So, what shift was this job? A mid shift of early afternoon to mid-evening! And it's driving a shuttle van for a company, so I'll be getting paid to drive people around and talk to them! Honestly, I couldn't have designed something better for myself. It's low-stress, still allows me to stick to my morning routine and to be home at night with my husband. The dogs will occasionally need to be crated for a couple of hours, but not all day and almost's a win/win for all of us. 

I don't believe in coincidence. The woman who hired me explained why it was so long between when I applied and when I was contacted, changes that happened along the way that actually created this perfect shift, and Spirit offered it up when I finally was ready and surrendered. So if you need help, you feel like you're drowning in your life and you want to send out an SOS, I suggest you Surrender Over to Spirit and be open for miracles to unfold.