Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Meeting Challenges

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I started a new part time job a few weeks ago, driving a shuttle van for a company that had to get an overflow parking lot for some of its employees. The shift was perfect and I love to drive, and I couldn't believe that they actually pay me to do this job! It was supposed to entail driving a 12-passenger van, but I had lucked out and that was in the shop so I started it driving the rental "van", a Ford Expedition...still bigger than most things I've driven lately, but a regular vehicle, not a huge van. 

There are two other guys who split the week on the morning shift while I drive all week on the afternoon shift, and they've kept telling me how much I'd hate the van in comparison because it wasn't as comfortable and it's much bigger than we need for this. I've heard that for the whole month I've been there, so it was with trepidation that I heard we were getting the van back today and was asked to come in to help pick it up and drop off the rental. 

Adding to my fear is the fact that we have to back this van up into its spot at night if we can because there's a lot of traffic into that area in the morning that makes it hard to back it out. That was hard enough for me with the Expedition because I've never been good at backing any vehicle up...and amazingly, that wasn't one of the questions when I was hired, or I probably wouldn't have the job! 

As a matter of fact, my first day driving with the guy who showed me the ropes, when I had to back the Expedition into the spot for the van and it took me a few tries, he said, "I take it you're not a backer-upper." Keen observation! No, I'm not...I do back up out of my garage, but that's it, and I've wrecked one car doing that by backing it into the retaining wall beside the driveway. I'm more of a backer-outer, definitely not a backer-inner. He let me know it would be okay if I couldn't back it in, he'd rather I pull in than find me there in the morning still trying to get it straight in the spot. 

I decided that after 38 years of not being able to back into a spot, it was time to master this skill. Lo and behold, I've done it! I even occasionally back my car into a spot now! But ah...that 12-passenger van...that was still scary. Just the thought of driving it, especially as today was a very windy day--the kind that has knocked down trees in our area--made me very nervous. But, those cards in the picture at the top are from my daily draw! It's about successfully releasing your fears and negative emotions and enjoying the journey, or road. 

So again, I decided to meet the new challenges presented by this and I backed it up twice while I was on the mail run that we do because at two of the buildings, it looked easier to back in than it did to back out. I did a couple of practices in the lower parking lot as well...and by the time I parked it at the end of my shift, I actually backed it in straight between the lines! 

So...next time you're faced with a challenge that fills you with trepidation, decide that if others can do it you can too--and you might just amaze yourself with what you find that you can do! 


  1. I love reversing into spaces but not done any huge vehicles, and don't like reversing on narrow roads and certainly would not trust myself on a cliff edge!! I met some challenges this week as you know :) xx

    1. I've never done it until now! Tonight I had a large pickup truck on one side and an SUV on the other, and I got it in the middle! It took about a 12-pt turn to get it there since the truck was parked on the side I tend to aim for and there's a parking garage in front of me with a big wall blocking me from pulling too far forward, but I made it! And yes, you certainly have, and kudos to you my friend! ((HUG))