Essential Oils

Are you tired of living in a world full of products that use so many chemicals and toxins? Want something safe and natural that you can use?

Essential oils are the answer! Essential oils can be used to clean and purify your home, enhance your physical wellness and spiritual awareness, inspire positive emotional states and even to purify your beauty routine.

The US government allows us to use 13,000 chemicals deemed too toxic by European nations in our food, beauty products and household cleaners. Poor diet, lack of exercise, polluted air and water, the stresses of modern life...all of these add up to a very toxic environment inside and out. It's especially important today with our high rise of disease rates to do all that we can to eliminate toxins from our personal environment. In my opinion, that means eliminating them from our cleaning products by choosing to only use natural ones, and from our medicine cabinets by choosing plant-based alternatives.

Essential oils are being used in hospitals throughout Europe, and now in Canada and the US, in place of toxic chemicals to clean rooms and kill germs since some are actually more effective than bleach. They're even being diffused to help alleviate symptoms, boost immunity and give emotional support to patients  and even help relieve the stress the staff experiences. 

There are many different ways to use essential oils, but one thing that's necessary is to learn what makes a therapeutic essential oil different from a fragrance oil, and to ensure that you're using the highest quality, based on purity and potency, that you can get today.

So how can you tell what are the best essential oils to use? First, educate yourself on what you're looking for because there's a lot of information and misinformation out there. The EO industry is one of the least regulated in the world, and in order for a label to read "100% Pure Therapeutic Grade" on the bottle, there only needs to be 10% of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil in there, the rest can be chemical pesticides, synthetic fillers, chemical residues, etc. Since there are 400 million trillion molecules in a drop of essential oil and we have 100 million trillion cells, then 40 million trillion molecules infiltrate every cell of your body within 20 minutes of aromatic, topical or internal use of an essential imagine the results if there are synthetic toxic petrochemicals in that bottle of essential oil. 

I will tell you that you won't find a bottle of truly pure and potent, high-quality essential oil on the shelves of any grocery store, discount store or major department store, and even rarely at health food stores (unless they have a wholesale account with certain brands). You really do have to order them online, and I highly recommend shopping carefully. There are blog posts out there where people have shopped and compared, but I still recommend doing your own research because there are high quality, pure and potent essential oil companies out there that I've personally tried who aren't mentioned in some of those posts. (I'm currently getting ready to order from two more companies and try them, then I'll be writing my own post covering all of the brands I've tried and my own experiences and research.)

I also can't stress enough the importance of research and education before using essential oils. In addition to MLMs, we now have commercials on TV promoting the use of essential oils and since the right oils can definitely support our healing but the wrong ones can do serious damage, it's very important to know what you're doing before you start buying essential oils...and it's especially important to look into them more before starting to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into an MLM! I'm not saying not to join one, I'm just saying that it's quite an investment to do so and shouldn't be an impulse decision (trust me, I've learned this the hard way). 

I believe in living an "oily life", and essential oils are a huge part of my daily regimens from my morning care routine to caring for my family and pets, supporting the mental, physical and emotional well-being of us all. I'm just glad that I've learned enough to make an educated decision in purchasing and using my essential oils, and I encourage you to do the same. 

The side effects of truly high quality pure essential oils, compared to so many other products available on the market today, is becoming healthier. You can't even be allergic to them because they don't contain proteins and/or polypeptide nitrogenous molecules, and you must have a one or both of these for your body to make an antigen to attack it. Essential oil molecules are just too small. You can, however, have a psychosomatic response because your body has learned to be triggered by either the pollen or a synthetic (fragrance) version of something like lavender or patchouli, and so the smell of it can trigger a response in your body that makes you think you're allergic to it. This includes getting a headache from the won't actually from a truly pure essential oil, but your body may still produce one if it's trained to associate that scent with a getting a headache. 

You may also get a dermal reaction for two reasons: either it's a hot oil and needed to be diluted with a carrier oil, or it's pulling toxins out of your body and creating a rash while doing so. Be very careful if you're new to using essential oils and, as they say, "go low and go slow" by starting out using them on the bottoms of your feet diluted in a carrier oil. Again, there are lots of good guides for this available. It's especially important to use this principle when applying essential oils to babies (they MUST be diluted and applied to the feet only), children, the elderly and pets. Be sure to research before using essential oils on any of the above, and if you're pregnant, for there are oils to avoid with each of these groups! 

OK, I know this is very long, but it's an extensive subject and there's a lot to know about essential I'll also be writing a lot of blog posts about them, including my experiences, those of my pets and family, recipes and brands, along with a whole host of other topics. If you want to learn more than I have here, please contact me. I do teach the basics of starting out with your oily life! 

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