Reiki Attunements

Are you feeling tired or stressed? Are you in pain? Want to learn how to help yourself, your friends, family and even your pets? 

Reiki can help! Reiki is a spiritually guided (rei) healing modality that increases your life force energy (ki) to increase your body's natural healing ability while lowering cortisol levels and reducing stress. What that does is leave you with a feeling of being very relaxed, but also energized. Reiki heals not only on the physical, but also emotional, spiritual and mental bodies. It also helps to bring your Chakras into balance. Getting attuned to this healing modality empowers you to be able to help yourself and those around you.

I offer Reiki I, II and III attunements and am usually very flexible with my hours to accommodate your schedule. Reiki I and II take approximately 5-6 hours, and the Reiki III takes about 7 hours. A lot will be covered in each class, and you'll receive a manual with each one as well. You'll learn how to do Reiki for yourself and your loved ones, including pets. In Reiki I, you'll learn how to give Reiki hands-on, and you'll learn quite a bit about the history and how it works. In Reiki II, you'll learn how to send Reiki energy over space and time. In Reiki III, you'll learn some extra techniques plus how to attune others to Reiki. You receive an attunement yourself in each one, and in Reiki III you get the ART and the Teacher attunements. 

I do all of my attunements one-on-one or as a small group of you and a friend or family member (or more, but only a very small group), I never do group classes. By doing it this way, I can tailor each one to the student. During my Reiki I attunements, I include a Reiki treatment because I find many are called to Reiki without having much, if any, experience of it.

Nothing special is necessary on your part other than wearing comfortable clothing, bringing a notebook and being open to the potential. Attunements are in person only in my home office, and payment can be via cash, Paypal or credit card. Just use the contact form in the top of the right side bar to schedule your attunement.

Reiki I Attunement:   $100
Reiki II Attunement:  $200
Reiki III Attunement: $300

(For Paypal, I'll send you an invoice via email.)

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