Do you have questions? Unsure which path to take or what your next best steps are to get where you want to go? Curious about what hidden blocks you may have? 

Tarot has those answers and more. A tarot reading can provide quite a bit of insight and help clarify what your best course of action is or what steps it's best to take next. It's like a snapshot of your life right now and the energy that surrounds you. Tarot's best use is to take a look at what has happened in the past, what's going on now, and to offer guidance as to what direction is best to head, or what actions are best to take, in moving forward. 

What Tarot is really amazing at doing is showing you what needs to change in order for what you want to happen in your life to actually manifest. It's a very useful tool for gaining perspective and highlighting things you might not be fully aware of, both conscious and subconscious, that are affecting your situation, as well as making you aware of any outside influences upon it. Many people discover things they didn't know at all, and others are made aware that things they might not have thought were important actually are. 

I tend to choose my decks and spreads or layouts intuitively based upon the client and question or situation, and do so at the time of the reading. I also use it as an empowerment tool more than as a divination tool. I use Tarot for healing, guidance and direction as well as uncovering subconscious blocks or hidden energies that need to be known in order to move forward.

Please, if you expect timing, understand that often the Tarot answers with "when that happens, then this can happen." It doesn't answer with something like "next Tuesday", though we can get a feel for the season and perhaps even the month or if it's in a few weeks, days, months or years. Tarot is not an exact science, and high accuracy is considered around 85-90% if you're asking for a predictive reading. 

In my readings I often add Lenormand, Oracle and perhaps even Runes to my readings for clarification or additional insight. I don't do this because Tarot isn't complete on its own, rather I do it because sometimes it's nice to have another "opinion" or "voice". 

Just use the contact form in the top of the right side bar to schedule your reading and I'll email you an invoice via Paypal if we decide that we're a good fit to work together. You can prepay it using either your Paypal account or a credit card.

30 Minute Reading: $40

60 Minute Reading: $70

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